Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Van Pictures

We picked up the new van yesterday.

Despite Stephen spending half the day at the dealership doing paperwork already, we still had another hour of signing around before we could take it home. So glad Stephen did the hard part. Thanks, Snookums.

This new van is a huge splurge for Stephen and I. Neither of us has ever owned a new car before. In fact the 1998 Mazda I drive to work was purchased just 3 years ago.

There is still some work to be done. The radio/CD player has to be installed. The factory version cost about $100 more than the much nicer one we purchased. We are also having the insides sprayed with Line-X (spray-on truck bedliner) to reduce road noise and provide some insultation.

The new van has a sliding door instead of two swing out doors.

The sliding door should be nice for when we are in a tight parking spot.

ARM RESTS!!!! The power seat is also very nice. Full size vans are not built for 5' 3" females. Its nice to finally be able to adjust the seat in all directions.

The van also came with a lot of gadgets we did not expect - compass, gauge that tells us how many miles are left in tank, head and tail lights that come on automatically depending on the amount of light outside, tire pressure sensor, oil change sensor, and other gauges I cannot remember what they do yet.