Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brother Cane

I noticed that Riley's brother, Bob's Cane, has entered the SEGA adoption program. His ears appear to be a little less ugly than hers :-). It is exciting to have contact with one of my hound's littermates. Maybe his adopter will stay in touch. I had hoped that more of Reagan's family would keep in touch, but I have only had contact with the adopter of the red male (47A). The foster person emailed me and put me in touch with the adopter and I sent them all of the puppy pictures I had. I also contacted the adopter of the mother, Task Spring Buds, but my emails have either been spammed or ignored. If I were the owner of a dam, I would certainly want to keep tabs on the pups, but that is just me.

In the latest bunch to arrive at SEGA, it appears from the profiles that I have 3 to look at for my adopter, Ray (including Bob's Cane). Hopefully one will be perfect for Ray and the other 2 are much more mild manner than they were on profiling day. All 3 were described as having an intense toy drive and extremely food motivated. I will try to look at them in the next couple of days.