Friday, August 1, 2008

Momentos - Part 4

It's not often that I'm at a loss for words, but it really is difficult to find the words to tell you how sad I am to hear of Travis' passing. I know your heart is broken and you are going to be lost without him. What an incredible loss for you and Stephen and the rest of us who loved and admired Travis. I did not even know he was sick. I've never seen him when he was anything short of totally happy and healthy. I can't believe he was 10 years old. It only seems like yesterday when he had Kelsi by the tail and the poor guy had to wear a muzzle and sit in an x-pen because he didn't seem to want to give Shadow "dog status". What a long way from there to the super star you helped him become. The two of you were an absolutely incredible team no matter what you were doing. You worked so hard to give him what he needed to overcome his issues and in return he gave you everything you asked of him. Partners to the end. I'm so sorry you didn't have more time with him. I know it hurts to lose him and time really will heal your heart and in time you'll smile when you remember the journey you took with him. I'll keep you in my thoughts. T.S.

So sorry Jen, I know no words can comfort at this point. He was such an amazing and beautiful boy. Really the most strikingly handsome grey I've ever seen. I feel terrible that I've been so crazed the last few weeks and haven't been keeping up with your blog. I had no idea you've been going thru all this tough stuff. I cried buckets for your big boy last night, and we hugged our hounds. When you put all his accomplishments together here it's just incredible how much you BOTH achieved. You believed in him when no one else did, and your drive and persistance paid off tenfold for both of you. You gave him life and purpose, and he touched yours in a way that you'll never forget. We all enjoyed your Travis tales through the years, and will continue to enjoy them now as great memories. And I love to watch the clips! Will always bring a lot of smiles. - C.S.

I was thinking of Travis today, the first time I met him, his incredible prey drive, his desire to grab a young Zulu's fluffy tail [Jen: Zulu is the border collie in the picture below]. I decided that the one thing that Travis did, that truly embodied him, the essence of his personality, was the way he swam. He swam with all his heart, with all his enthusisam, never knowing how "non-Greyhoundish" it was. That's how I'll remember him, a huge grin on his face, paddling and splashing for all he was worth. What a guy! - A.J.

I remember when he first came in, and we were at the Kennesaw PetSmart for a Meet n Greet. There had to be at least 12 GH's there, and we were all over the front sidewalk, milling about. This was when we only had 1-2 M/G's per month, so they were also social occasions! A PetSmart client came out of the store with something that resembled a small Sheepdog......this dog was at least 40lbs......the dog walked by, and the next sight was Travis with long white fur dangling from his lips. The owner was really nice about it, could have been a really nasty situation. Travis will be missed.... - J.J.

Yep, we were there. I was holding Dino while Paul was holding Travis. I think Paul was thinking of adopting Travis, but after seeing the fur in his mouth I was like I don't want a dog with a prey drive like that in my house. I'm glad you and Travis found each other, and we were able to see him grow into such a gentleman and athlete. - S.C.

I am so sorry to read this about Travis. What a beautiful tribute to him. You two were really a team. I didn't get to watch the big dogs often, but I always tried to watch you two run. You were so smooth. I will always compare other greyhounds to him - and probably be disappointed. I'm glad you rescued him and gave him such a wonderful life and turned him into a great dog. I do hope your memories will help you through this difficult time. - J.G.