Saturday, August 2, 2008

Momentos - Part 5

I'm so sorry to hear about Travis...the tears are just streaming down my face as I write this...I'm so sorry for your loss. He was my favorite rags-to-riches success story for a GH and I loved to hear about all of his many accomplishments and I loved to see him in action. I know what a hole he must have left in your heart. He was a great dog and I know that he was greatly loved. - J.H.

Jen, a beautiful tribute, well deserved brags. Thanks so much for letting me say goodbye to him last Monday, I loved that dog. Fast and furious was definitely his motto, even his affections, although you did your best to make him behave. How fortunate for me that I know you and could know him. I treasure all of my friends dogs, some more than others. He was a very very bright star. - A.J.

He seemed so good when he was sprawling out in my dining room just a couple days ago! I'm so sorry his time came so soon, and so quickly. He was truly a remarkable dog, and he loved and looked at you in a way I know you will never forget. You are in our thoughts. - T.S.

T.S., you just mentioned something that really will stay with me - the way Travis looked at Jen. It was true love. - G.V.

How sorrowful to lose such an incredible greyhound. Travis was truly one in a million, and I feel for your heartbreak. I’m so lucky to have watched your teamwork together, both in person and through your blog. You are in our thoughts. - K.S.

Jennifer, my sincerest condolences. Travis was so much fun to watch. I loved to be a few dogs behind the two of you at a trial, so I could see your run! "Flow" was always the word I used to describe Travis. And of, course, his greyhound grin! Give everyone a hug for us. - J.B.

So sorry to hear about Travis. I had no idea he was ill. I will always remember him carring his orange bumper. I have never seen another dog carry one like he would and never drop it. - C.J.