Thursday, July 31, 2008

Momentos - Part 3

I have never thought of you without Travis from the time I first saw him at Clicker Training class. That was the first time in my life that I had seen a dog that obedient. I was also impressed the day I witnessed your training him to Stay at a Flealess Market several years ago. You left him sitting on one side of the field while you walked away and hid behind a car. Travis never moved....for goodness knows how long! Finally, I enjoyed his demonstrations at Greyfest and his actual competition performance at an Alpharetta event. Both of you were awe inspiring. Travis was a Winner. His first winning accomplishment was coming into your life. He has earned his reward across the Rainbow Bridge. Be proud. - L.A.

I am so very, very sorry. I had no idea the end was so near. What a wonderful tribute and final gift. You and Travis floated around the ring. You made it look so easy. I am so glad you found each other. - S.J.

I had no idea. I am just heart broken for you. You and Travis did some really amazing things together. I'm glad you at least have those wonderful memories. I truly loved watching you and him run. You two were poetry in motion. Its amazing what you accomplished with a dog you were "stuck with". You know that I will always have fond memories of Travis. Just yesterday I was telling someone the story of Travis and Kelsi's first meeting (Jen:Travis grabbed her sheltie by the tail) and how that incident gave me even more respect for you than I already had. I got to see where you started with him and how far you came together. Our household sends your household lots of hugs. - D.G.

Oh, Jen, I am so sorry. Travis truly was a very special dog, the two of you were so wonderful to watch in the ring. I am sorry he had to go so soon, he was so full of life it is hard for me to imagine him gone. I regret that his last weekend to run was the same weekend that Brisk finished, I know how much you were hurting that weekend. I will never forget his grace in the agility ring, such a great dog! - C.P.