Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yellow Fellow

Travis has had 2 fun days. If there were awards for managing liver failure, he'd be a Champion Yellow Fellow. I am so amazed by how well he does considering all of the ugly symptoms. However, I am talking about Travis.... I wouldn't expect anything less from him.

Last night I took Travis to the indoor training building to see Ridgeback friend, Anne. She cuddled him and as usual she gets him too excited and he jumped up on her. This time I let him. Travis is funny because he sort of chest butts like a player on a footfall field instead of putting his feet on the person. He also fetched his bumper several times. The building provided a good place to play indoors with air conditioning.

I stopped hiding medicine in food, so Travis' appetite is back. He loves the Red Barn and Blue Buffalo canned food and it agrees with his digestive system. He must be thinking he is pretty wonderful since I reserve both as training rewards only. Canned food especially was for jackpot worthy training sessions only. I'm taking the approach of snacking him throughout the day and he is loving it.

This morning, I took Travis for an easy hike and he had a great time. Katie got her staples out today, so I had my vet look at him again. He is definitely jaundice, but he has gained 3 lbs. She had no guess as to how long we have. She explained that when the toxins really start to build up in the body, it will start causing a sick feeling. Most dogs will stop eating at that point. If he quits eating, I think that will be my sign to let him go.

I teeter between misery and relief. I am terribly broken hearted, but there is some relief in knowing where this is headed. There's no more fighting over medicine. There's no begging him to eat cottage cheese and rice. I love fixing his snacks as much as he loves eating them now. Rest is now a waste of time, so I am being less cautious about getting him outside or letting him play too much. We can just do what we want now.

Take some pictures of your hounds today! Here's the sweet boy being a little silly on his bed yesterday.