Tuesday, July 8, 2008


No, not Travis. Katie would just like you to know that she is starving. Despite the fact that Mom fed her an extra 2 big chicken backs yesterday at 10 PM (we feed only in the mornings), she still was quite unhappy about her skipped breakfast this morning. If only I could reason with her. Katie did not have to arrive at the vet hospital for her toe removal until 11 AM, so I had this face glaring at me all morning while I worked. Katie is the face of food motivation. When I teach greyhound obedience training classes, I always ask that the greyhounds not be fed prior to class so that they are extra hungry and excited about the treats. Katie, the exception to the rule, had to be fed prior to classes, events, shows, and training sessions just because she becomes too food motivated and has to have the edge taken off.

Her toe amputation went fine. Stephen will be picking her up on the way home from work. He is excited about making the toe into a key chain. Kind of like a lucky rabbit's foot.... this would be a lucky greyhound's toe (fat and mangled, but lucky nonetheless). And, of course, it would be a little piece of our "Pumpkin" that could last forever....... just kidding :-). That would be terrible!

Nothing to report on Travis. No change.

Reagan is a little pistol. She has no patience for this geriatric stuff. I am still working her everyday otherwise she would drive me even crazier with more energy. She is really turning into one of my greyhounds..... a well trained, pain in the butt. Sometimes I just have to put her in a crate to get her out of my way. She follows me everywhere in the house..... not quietly like Travis..... but races after me. Its a double edge sword. I love for them to be alert and ready for anything, but it would just be nice to be able to turn them off sometimes.

I need to get Stephen in the backyard so he can film Reagan's teeter and weave poles. She is coming along very well. The teeter is getting close to full size and she's slamming it down with no problem and she is offering a 2-feet-on-2-feet-off contact (where her 2 back feet remain on the board and she holds the position until I release her). Her jumping is coming along. She is starting to learn how to cross (change sides with me). Her front crosses are pretty good (me crossing in front of her). In the weave poles, here rear end is still disorganized, but I think it is getting better. Still no rush though. She turned 15 months yesterday. She already knows so much more than Katie did at 32 months or Travis at 41 months.

Here she is getting acquainted with Daddy's belt :-). She's a fighter.... going to teach that belt a lesson.