Monday, July 7, 2008

Fighting Hard

I took Katie to the vet for an x-ray of her toe. We confirmed that one of the toe joints is indeed dislocated. Broken toes tend to heal, but dislocated toes generally do not if you deal with it conservatively with rest and bandaging. It is being removed tomorrow so she can return to her activities as soon as possible.

Our scale lied yesterday. Travis looks especially thin today. His pelvis is starting to show and dents are appearing where strong muscles used to lay. He weighed in at a dismal 57.5 lbs on the vet's scale (60.5 lbs a week ago on the same scale). I found that rather disheartening. But Dr. Castle said not to give up. His heart feels and sounds strong. His color is good. His eyes are bright. He is eagerly eating 4 meals a day. Dr. Castle double checked the x-rays and didn't see anything alarming. She didn't think his lymph nodes were swollen. So I left with some renewed faith and Liver Happy Chinese herbs.

I think the picture below was taken when Travis was around 5 years old. He looks like a shiny, new penny..... such a baby then. Do us a favor, takes some pictures of your hounds. Don't wait until it is too late. Our casual (non-action) pictures and the digital video clips were all taken from our Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1. I think I spent $200. It was money well spent.


Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Guess you got some good and not so good news today... hang in there. And I can't agree with you enough on take those pics! You've gotten much better in misc pics ;-)
More jingles~ hugs even though you'd push me away :-p

Zinnia said...

Somehow I ended up reading your blog-- a long route from the UDBB and your sister's horses to reading your stories about your dogs. They are gorgeous. I had a beautiful fawn greyhound named Kitty a long time ago.

I wanted to comment and send along some good wishes and sympathy and support for your boy. I currently have a dog who has kidney disease (fanconi) and it is hard to watch them get skinny and know the fear of what could be. So, from my home to yours, many jingles and thoughts for your dog. May he gain weight and have normal levels and live until he is 22.


KF-in-Georgia said...

Remember that he's dropping some muscle, and that's going to make the scale go down faster than dropping fat would.

The four meals a day sounds promising.

Go, Travis!

Maria said...

pictures are so amazing. Thanks for posting them...

Thoughts will be with Katie today!

How's Reagan???

Sientay L said...

A speedy recovery for Katie's toe amputation.
I guess it's time for a new scale at the house. I can't believe Travis is at 57lbs.The good news is that he is still a happy energetic boy,right? Maybe he has a tapeworm?? Just a wild guess,since all he's doing is losing weight.

Laura said...

"What a drag it is getting old..."
Poor Katie, get rid of that nonconforming toe & get back to having fun.
Travis, buddy, please keep eating well & PLEASE gain some weight. You already had a supermodel figure as those gorgeous pictures prove so well.
Hang in there, Jen.

Zan said...

i'll be thinking of Katie today. Travis, quit losing weight!!!!

Sending good thoughts....

greytblackdog said...

maybe travis isn't really sick. maybe he has man-arexia. :). i know he loves getting four meals a day! i bet the others are so jealous. he's still shiny.

good luck to katie today. toes and fingers crossed for a good outcome.

Anonymous said...

Heck, GBD...I'M JEALOUS!!!

NSNG Kennel/Dog Show Mule