Thursday, July 31, 2008

Momentos - Part 2

I can't believe I'm writing this condolence note through tears so soon after Travis' MACH2. The dog who we were afraid would think Apache was prey when we roomed together and who rose to such great heights in the agility world is gone! Apache is only 6 now, how can this be? I feel so bad for you. Travis was truly one of the greats, and I remember how you were so worried he'd think other dogs were prey you were afraid to take him into the ring at first. You've come so far with him. What an amazing dog! But then, you're an amazing trainer and handler! I remember how great a swimmer he was, too. The day you were throwing his bumper to him at the lake in Decatur and Dakota got hit in the head when he ran for it. He was always a much better swimmer than Dakota. Dakota has finally decided he loves to retrieve his bumper out of the ocean now (we just got back from Va. Beach), but it took him 9 1/2 years to decide that. My heart goes out to you. Nothing can replace him in your heart and soul, but I know you'll take comfort in the wonderful memories you have of him and the truly remarkable events in your lives together. Nothing can replace them. - V.H.

I just wanted to share my sympathies with Jen regarding Travis. I only met him briefly during our obedience training class, but he was so beautiful, so attentive to Jen's every move, and such a gorgeous representation of the breed. All my thoughts go with you today. - L.N.

It is difficult to find words to express the sadness I feel at hearing this news. Like so many others, I was in tears reading your message and am again while trying to formulate this response. Travis was such an incredibly special dog and a particularly special Greyhound. Your success with him and Katie is one of the things that helped me make the final decision to get a Greyhound. (Though I had no hopes of training to the levels your dogs have achieved.) Travis was, still is, always will be a superstar. He leaves us with a legacy most of us only dream of having. Whether it was fate or plain good luck that led him to you, I do not know. I do know that you were his best shot at a fantastic home. It is the two of you combined, both remarkably talented by nature but also gifted with incredible drive and determination, that achieved all this. You have every right to be proud of Travis and the special bond you had with each other. Several years ago I lost a 10 year old dog, Sugar Girl, to hemangiosarcoma in what felt like the blink of an eye. In a note of condolence, my mother wrote something I think is also very appropriate for Travis. I feel the same about Travis' departure as she did about Sugar's. I wish I could find the note because my paraphrasing will not do justice to her eloquence. Here is my best attempt: Travis is my hero. He lived his life honestly, always being himself, giving love and being loved for a good lifespan without seeming to age. When the time came to take his life of this world he thankfully gave you enough warning to be a bit prepared but did so quickly, gracefully and without putting his family through a prolonged, painful illness. When it comes my time, I hope people will say the same of me.God speed, Travis the wonderdog. May there always be a bumper available to play with for all of eternity. - L.L.