Sunday, July 20, 2008

Game Face

Today, I think I know what jaundice looks like. The insides of his ears and the whites of his eyes have a yellow tinge. Yesterday, he threw up breakfast and peed on a dog bed he was lying on. He is very suspicious of the food I offer. I have stopped adding the powdered supplements to any meals. He does not need a reason to turn his nose up at something. He eats like a child who does not want to eat and pushes the food around on the plate. Travis carefully chews chicken backs he used to inhale thoughtlessly. Now he thinks about it. Administering 15 pills a day has become quite an ordeal. Creme cheese was working well, but Travis tasted one of the antibiotics this morning so now its just a dirty trick. A couple of days ago, he started to chew treats and was finding the hidden pills. Nine of the pills are liver support supplements. Maybe I will just stop with the supplements. I know I can shove them down his throat, but I'm not sure its necessary at this point. Its more important that he actually eat. Right now I am feeding Red Barn meaty rolls and Blue Buffalo canned food. Both are extremely high quality, meat based dog food and he seems to like both.

Despite it all, Travis maintains his beautiful game face. He still wants to go on the daily outings. Today, I took him to my agility field and he wanted to play with his bumper some. Friday was a good day. He played some with his bumper and I gave him a bath. Travis even wrestled with a dog bed briefly. I always thought that was so funny and wish a had a video. He grabs the dog bed with his front legs as if it were an imaginary deer and then bites it. Such a silly boy. Yesterday, I told him how awesome he was. That he was the world's greatest agility greyhound. And that I am so proud to be part of the equation. I told him that my favorite agility trial was the 2007 AKC Agility Nationals in Ohio. He was the only greyhound to qualify. He placed 11th out of 129 dogs in the 24" height class proving that not only was he a great agility greyhound, but also a great agility dog. He beat a lot of the best dogs in the country including a lot of border collies that weekend and it felt good. He even won High Score prize of $200 for the hound group. I also told him that his dock jumping was the coolest. It was fun having the only purebred greyhound at the Dock Dog events..............