Thursday, July 17, 2008


These posts are getting boring, but I'm afraid that if I neglect the blog, some of you will think Travis has died. I promise that if anything really bad happens, I won't be able to sleep and I will probably be blogging my eyes out. No tears this week.

I would say that Travis remains the same. He has moments when he has some energy, but mostly he sleeps. He does tend to be in whatever room I am in, so he has resumed following me around. Now he just waits to see if I am really coming back or not before he gets up. Used to, he would jump to his feet in a perfect synchronized motion with my own...... so annoying, but I'd be happy to have it back. Travis used to be such a jerk in the morning. Crying as soon as the first alarm sounded. Now he sleeps and waits patiently as I hit snooze 3 or 4 times. Thank goodness Katie and Stacker have picked up the slack.... not! They used to be quiet in the morning, but now every alarm is a reason to get up, click the nails on the hardwoods, stretch, and maybe cry a little. Sometimes Travis will be silly on his bed, chew on my arm, and horse play a little. I really love that. He is eating good now that he is back on raw food. He's probably eating a little less than double what he used to. Appears to be gaining a little weight. Still drinking more water than usual. Respiratory rate is still high.

I am working from home today, so I took my 3 hounds to my agility field this morning before the hot temperatures set in. I walked Travis around, let him do a tunnel 2 times, and groomed him.

I imagined that at age 15 this might be what Travis would be like. I thought it would be something he would evolve into over time. What causes one to change so quickly? I was just bragging about how youthful he looked and behaved just over a month ago. He ran his last clean agility course 19 days ago. He practiced agility like he always did just 16 days ago. What just completely knocks the wind out of you?