Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now We Wait

Despite all the positive thoughts and chants for a urinary tract infection (that does sound weird to hope for), Travis does not have one. :-( It was wishful thinking since UTIs are less common in males. So blood was drawn and has been sent off. Travis is such a good boy. The tech had to draw blood from both front legs because the veins were being stingy and not giving enough blood. She was digging around with he needle trying to get more blood while he laid there propped up on his elbows and eating cookies..... sweet, little fella. He is such a good medical patient. Results will be in tommorrow. In the meanwhile, Dr. Castle said to go onto our agility trial since he otherwise seems to feel well and nothing showed up on her exam. She didn't feel any masses and heart and lungs sound fine. If all of this turns out to be nothing, I would regret having stayed home this weekend. If it is something, Dr. Castle didn't think it would be anything that couldn't wait to be treated a couple more days. Go to the agility trial and have fun.... just in case.

Wish us luck!