Friday, June 27, 2008

Quick Update

Just a quick update..... the Motel 6 doesn't have WIFI, but the Best Western next door does! I discussed Travis' symptoms with my friend, Anne, on the drive to Murfreesboro. Anne thought that he may have Cushings Disease. Her Ridgeback, Beckett, had developed the problem the last year of his life and he exhibited very similar symptoms. I'd pretty much sold myself on the idea. Cushings can be expensive to treat initially, but once in the maintenance stage, the cost comes down and the dog can continue to live a normal, quality life. Well... forget that idea. Dr. Castle called around 10 AM and the bloodwork did not indicate Cushings as a possiblity. He does however have elevated liver values. One in particular was 4 times higher than what is considered normal. I wish I had more details, but its hard for me to recall all the information without having taken any notes. Since the lab still had more blood, Dr. C requested that it be tested for Leptospirosis and Ehrlichiosis. My understanding is that both are relatively treatable. My brief, initial search on stolen WIFI leads me to believe that Lepto is a possiblity. Although the funny thing is that Lepto is actually the only vaccination I continue to give my dogs annually. But vaccinations are not 100% since there are new strains every year and Lepto is a current problem in our area..... so definitely a possibility. On Monday, if the results are negative, we will pursue another liver test and then an ultrasound. So we continue to wait......

Travis is doing fine today. He is definitely drinking large quantities of water and seems a little less active than he normally is. He is still running agility as well as he always does..... no change there. The weight loss still concerns me. He used to weigh about 67 - 68 lbs in his peak condition days and he weighed only 60.5 lbs on Thursday. He has absolutely no fat to lose, so it has to be mostly lost muscle weight.

Well, I could continue speculate all night. I will leave it be for now.