Monday, February 18, 2008

Time to be Quiet

Reagan's first night in a crate went smoothly. No accidents and she was very quiet. Even Travis was fairly quiet in the morning which was a rare treat. Maybe he's trying to make a good impression or at least keep himself #2 on the dog list (Katie is #1). She did her potty duties quickly and enjoyed her turkey neck and chicken backs this morning.

I worked the first few hours at home, so I could shorten my 10 hour work day to about 7 hours. She did fine in the crate again. Although she cried and howled a lot when I came in the door. I changed clothes, washed my face, and waited....... for her to stop. She finally quieted down, but started up again as soon as I move. The other dogs were being good and they needed to go out, so I just ignored her and let everyone out of their crates and just kept my back to her until she was quiet and lying down. I finally did win and everyone got to go outside.

I can see why greyhound puppies can turn into little monsters. She is so much more affectionate and cuddly than many of the adults initially. I have to admit that even I think its cute, but I think its important to resist her especially when she's being demanding. I don't want to create a needy, helpless creature. So she earns my attention when she is calm, quiet, and independent. Also, puppies (or at least mine) is so into everything. I am sure that mine is worse since I picked the confident, food motivated one.

Travis and Katie are being very good, of course. They'll earn lots of treats for being patient and staying out of the way. Today I started clicker training Reagan to touch a cup with her nose and she did really well. She was very food motivated and very free with her movement. Its easier to clicker train a dog that moves. The other dogs in the house earned treats if they remained laying on beds and didn't hang their heads over the baby gate........ kudos to Allie and Katie for 100% success. Everyone else received an honorable mention for a 50% success rate. All except for Blondie (babysitter dog, Ali..... we renamed her at our house since we already have an Allie). She never did figure out the out-of-sight-on-my-mind-here's-a-treat-for-you game.... maybe next time.

On closer inspection I found out that the "flea dirt" wasn't flea dirt. They were tiny black bumps between her toes, on her legs, and on the edges of her ears. Pam said that they were basically clogged pores from being out in the dirt and sand. I had seen black heads on their chests before, but these things kind of looked like eggs