Sunday, February 17, 2008

Introducing Reagan

Stephen and I left for Cairo, GA at 5 AM this morning. We thought it would take 5 hours, but we got there in a little over 4 hours. Reagan and Jessie looked good and had behaved themselves. The farm had wormed them and applied Frontline to them a few days ago. They also were placed in the kennels and started getting used to being crated. Glen and Pam brought Jessie and Reagan to their house on Friday and bathed them both yesterday. Even so, I think she could use another bath. Luckily, she did not have any fleas due to the recent Frontline treatment, but she has tons of flea dirt in between her toes and and on her legs.

She walks a little better on leash now and she was perfect for the 4 hour car ride. She laid down immediately and I don't think ever got up. She eventually started to relax and fall asleep. I was glad to see that she did not get car sick. I know its a few and far between, but I would just hate to have to work on car sickness. My guys literally ride in the van almost daily.... its just something I want a dog to be able to do happily right off the bat.

Introductions went fine. She has only ever socialized with her littermates of which she was in charge. She was a little overwhelmed with 6 adults (we are babysitting Ali Boyd). Stephen let out one dog at a time..... Katie, Allie, Julie, Ali, Travis, and then Stacker. She tucked her little tail and was a bit nervous, but she took it all in stride and started to relax. She did great wearing the muzzle. I thought she would fight it more, but she really didn't. We use muzzles on our greyhounds when we turn out and she will be no exception.

I would have liked to have stayed outside for awhile, but a huge thunderstorm blew in and we had to all go inside....... of course, without Reagan going to the bathroom first. She passed test #2 of the day.... storms. I also do not like storm phobics either. I have had 3..... Sandy (childhood mutt), Teresa, and currently Stacker. Teresa was the worst and I think she had to endure some of Georgia's worse thunderstorm seasons. I just want to avoid it if I can help it and Reagan was obviously not bothered by it.

I would say that test #3 is slippery floors. I have known a few dogs (several being greyhounds) that really freaked out on slippery floors. Our entire house is hardwoods and tile. I don't particularly want to have to work on overcoming a fear of slippery floors. Reagan did great! We have a really easy house for greyhounds because it is a ranch style with only 2 steps. She followed one of the greyhounds up those 2 steps and back down again with no issues. She also laid down on the hardwood floor...... good future practice for downs on the agility table :-).

She investigated the house and seemed pretty brave about all the new stuff. The hardest part is that if you try to lead her by the collar, she still freezes. This makes it difficult to move her from room to room, but we'll get there. She checked out her crate and she also wedged herself between and behind the crates and back out again. She does not appear to be claustaphobic and she seemed bright enough to figure out how to get herself out of the situation.

She did finally pee on the tile floor in the kitchen which I simply scooped her up with my arm around her waist to stop her. It was still storming and she wasn't particularly interested in doing her business. It just is not a very win win day for housetraining. It eventually stopped raining and I took her and Katie outside and she peed twice for a very loooonnnggg time.

Right now I am taking a break. I put her in her crate along with everyone else. I gave her a turkey neck since she hasn't eaten much today and the others got rawhide chips. I hear her crying down there occasionally, but I expected that and plan to just ignore it for now.