Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ooouuuu..... Gross :-(

Well, my puppy is a parasite palace :-(. She has tape worms and hook worms. I expected that, so no biggie. But those mysterious "clogged pores" are actually sticktight fleas and yes they "stick on very tight". I asked the vet about them and she has never seen anything like it so she put one under the microscope and it was a flea. After some internet research I found out that they are fleas found on poultry generally. I have since learned that the greyhound farm is next door to a emu farm. So now Reagan is being Capstared for 5 days. I bathed her again tonight and applied Frontline to all of the dogs. Once they die, they will probably continue to stick and I'll have to pick them off :-(.

And to top it off, I tried a new vet clinic. I love my vet, the techs, and the facility, but there are no weekend hours and its just so far away. The clinic is in Canton and as Canton adds traffic lights, neighborhoods, and more cars.... the drive just keeps getting longer and longer. At times I feel that I neglect going simply because its a good 45 minute drive now. Well, I was at this appointment at the new clinic for 2 whole hours! And that doesn't include my drive time. I could have gone to my regular vet in the same time amount of time. Its just 2 hours I can never get back.


Sientay L said...

Gross is right. So sorry to hear about all that. Hopefully Reagan will be all better soon.

Denise said...

Did you try Dr. Wansky? Did you not like it?

Can you soak her feet in something?

Jennifer said...

I did not meet Dr. Wansky. We saw a young vet, Dr. Craig. Our babysitter dog has a busted eye, so I needed an appt. that afternoon. One of the techs called in sick, so they were running behind and they apologized multiple times. It was just wait for 15 minutes, answer all the tech's questions, wait for 15 minutes, answer all the vet's questions. The vet was nice, but she completely examined both of them which took awhile. She also had that fresh out of school, by the book process.... just more than I needed. Then she had to get some meds. Wait 15 minutes. Then she had to look up a wormer. Wait 15 minutes. Then she had to get canned food for Reagan's pill. Wait a few more minutes. I'm just used to keeping the back door of the room open so I'm chatting with techs and the vet while she's going through cabinets to get medicine or is running tests. So I don't know.


greytblackdog said...

You are so right about gross. Who has an Emu farm anyway?

I know you don't have carpet in your house anywhere, but you might want to wash the dog beds and anything else she's been on in Borax in your washer. Just to be sure they don't "stick" on anything else. Thanks to some former, next door neighbors who didn't take care of their outside dogs we ended up with horrible fleas one year (no matter how much frontline we used) and Borax saved my butt because I didn't want to use any chemicals in my home.