Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ooouuuu..... Gross :-(

Well, my puppy is a parasite palace :-(. She has tape worms and hook worms. I expected that, so no biggie. But those mysterious "clogged pores" are actually sticktight fleas and yes they "stick on very tight". I asked the vet about them and she has never seen anything like it so she put one under the microscope and it was a flea. After some internet research I found out that they are fleas found on poultry generally. I have since learned that the greyhound farm is next door to a emu farm. So now Reagan is being Capstared for 5 days. I bathed her again tonight and applied Frontline to all of the dogs. Once they die, they will probably continue to stick and I'll have to pick them off :-(.

And to top it off, I tried a new vet clinic. I love my vet, the techs, and the facility, but there are no weekend hours and its just so far away. The clinic is in Canton and as Canton adds traffic lights, neighborhoods, and more cars.... the drive just keeps getting longer and longer. At times I feel that I neglect going simply because its a good 45 minute drive now. Well, I was at this appointment at the new clinic for 2 whole hours! And that doesn't include my drive time. I could have gone to my regular vet in the same time amount of time. Its just 2 hours I can never get back.