Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Name That Red Dog

Can you tell my red heads apart? They really are all very similar in color.

Well, my parasitic puppy is doing better. All the flea samples I have picked off are dead and it appears that many fell off during the night. I was thinking about sedating her with some ace given orally and just pick them all off with tweezers, but I don't think its necessary. She's still pretty itchy. I will probably do the oatmeal conditioner again in a few days.

Reagan went on her first hike today. She is walking very well on leash and also with a hand on her collar. She is yielding very nicely to the pressure. The hike was a very good leash walking test with all the smells and having to cross creeks. She was a trooper.

Reagan is also a sassy BEOTCH. Katie or Travis must have touched her while lying on the mattress and she gave a big toothful warning and then the alpha beotch (ME) came down on her about her ugliness. She is protective of her space and the crate. I won't tolerate it outside of her crate especially since she practically sits on everyone's head, lies down on their legs, and sniffs their heads while everyone else is very polite. I'm not really sure how to handle the crate. I think I'll need to set up some challenges regarding that.

She is crate training and housetraing great. No accidents (except that totally unavoidable one during the storm on day 1) and she has crated for up to 8 hours. I couldn't be more pleased. She wears a muzzle like she's worn it all her life. She actually seems to like having it put on which is kind of funny. She cried much less today. I finally got her to take my counter surfing booby trap. On the first day or 2, she was all over the counters with me catching her immediately. I have been trying to get her to take the bait for 2 days now. I finally placed it on top of the garbage can since that was attracting the most attention. It worked and she set off the can alarm and it scared her a little. Clicker training is going well. She touches the cup (and the paperweight now :-). We worked on downs which she's very easy to lure into a down and then she was pretty good about maintaining the down position for a little while. She's having a hard time catching onto eye contact, but she'll get it soon.
I actually kept her around while I made dinner and ate. I had to disagree with her numerous times, but all in all she did fairly well.

The one thing scary about having a puppy is that they run in the house and I have slippery hardwood floors. I am so afraid she is going to hurt herself because she has already fallen a couple of times.
Other than that, all is well.
Here is my first attempt at putting a little movie on the blogger.