Saturday, February 16, 2008

Last Day of Peace and Quiet

Well, I hope its not the last.......... but today is the last day without Reagan and with dogs only over the age of 7 years. Pam has reported that Reagan and Jessie look good. After being confined to a dog trailer for a few hours, they went crazy out in the yard running around and jumping up on Pam and Glen. I was told that Reagan was definitely more confident and followed Glen back to her kennel run with no problem. That's my girl.

I think Jessie's home has fallen through. The people just have too much on their plate and just adopted another greyhound just last weekend. I'm not sure if that means they have 3 or 4 greyhounds now. It just sounds like a busy situation already and to add a 10 month old greyhound who isn't crate trained, housetrained, leash trained, etc. sounds even more insane. She wanted to see if someone could hold Jessie for a month, but I would rather see her get to a new home as soon as possible and not pass her around. Pam is still working on that situation.

Unfortunately, I have a terrible sore throat. I sure wish I felt better this weekend.