Friday, February 15, 2008


Katie is a little weirdo. She will curl up, tuck her nose under a front leg, and lick her arm pit area.
It is very strange. She will go into this little trance and licks for a period of time unless we stop her. I usually will stop her because I hate the sound of dogs licking and she leaves a huge wet spot on the dog bed. She has never licked for so long that she has left a hot spot or damaged the skin in anyway.
I guess if she was living a couch potato life she might tend to do it more frequently out of sheer bordom and create hot spots. Has anyone ever seen this?

I have given up on the idea that Katie will every learn to track. Its
just too frustrating. There aren't enough years in my life (and certainly not hers) to give us enough time to explain the concept. Maybe some dogs are just better at distinguishing smells than others even amongst individuals of the same breed. For now, we just walk around in the fields after the other dogs have tracked.


Cynthia said...

Licking: Tango does this, though not quite to the extent that Katie does. He once got a line burn high up on one leg (almost to the armpit) and that's where he licks. I've always assumed there's a little bit of scar tissue that he goes after when he needs to comfort himself.

As for tracking, my first obedience greyhound, Marshall (Jim Cruz CDX) was completely baffled by tracking. I started him when he retired from obedience, at age 10 or so. We tried food drops, scent in a bottle, tracking for his meals. He never got it. I was frustrated, he was frustrated. I gave up after 4 or 5 months. In his final track he stopped tracking (in spite of my encouragement), came back to me and sat in a beautiful heel position. He was clearly asking to be allowed to do obedience, which made sense, instead of what we were doing. I think his sense of smell had failed enough that he just couldn't do it.


Sientay L said...

Dino will lick one spot forever and leave a wet spot on his bed. It's not his armpit,though. It's usually his foot. There's never any wounds or anything that we can see or find. His foot is usually resting on the bed, so it's not hard for a wet spot to show up. Sometimes he'll lick under his tail by his butt hole. That we hate, b/c it's just gross.
I guess each dog has a favorite spot.

Jennifer said...

We actually joke and say that she's masterbating when she's doing it. Well, I'm glad to hear that she is in fact normal.

Cynthia, that is funny about tracking. I swear I can literally point out ever food drop and she just doesn't have a clue. And when she does actually sniff, she can have her nose 2 inches from a food drop and still never find it. Its amazing she ever learned to do scent articles.


Laurie said...

Jen,I can't stand the licking sound either. Honey used to lick spots on her legs and cause hot spots when we were not around, but she has not done that in a long time. Her favorite licking spot these days is on her front "knees" - where the paw drops down when you pick up the front leg. At first I thought she was injured there, but now I don't think so. I guess they it just feels good to them to lick. She can really zone out when she does it too.