Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 6 of Bed Rest

Happily there is not much to report today. So many of you have emailed to say you check the blog everyday that I feel like I should at least put something on it. I really really appreciate the support and knowing that Katie has a lot of fans cheering for her.

About the only thing new to report is that Katie is now making her own bed. I try to keep it smooth so her left foot doesn't get caught up in a wad of blankets (see prior blog photos), but she has started fluffing and mixing it up again.

She also appears to be in no pain, so she is not receiving any pain medication anymore.
Also, last night she was really cute. After a good poop, she usually does wheelies in the yard in celebration. Obviously she can't with a leash around her neck and a towel around her waist...... but she got that naughty look in her eye, started wagging her tail (and she's not a tail wagger), and did just the tiniest little hop. It was very cute and made both Stephen and I smile.

I sure hope I will get to see her do wheelies, sass the neighborhood from the backyard, and chase after a toy again. I have no doubt that she will do a great job of recovering, but I just can't imagine letting her really let loose again. I've also considered what to do with her next. I do not believe I would ever jump her full height again (24 inches). Even before, she already was starting to have some issues with it and at her level of obedience she is required to jump that high. There is another type of obedience called Rally obedience. Its a little more user friendly, allows more verbal praise, and much smaller jumps. I never tried it since Katie is trained through utility level and I felt that Rally was a bit of a step backwards for a utility dog. But I think it might be just the perfect outlet for when the rehab is over. Katie just needs a reason to go into a ring, show off for a few minutes, and then come out to eat a lot of good food. I think Rally would be fun and easy for her.