Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well, I actually think Katie looks worse tonight. Even just a few hours ago she was placing her foot down correctly most of the time and maintaining her balance. But tonight she was all over the place. Her left foot knuckled over more times than not, she was out of balance most of the time, and her back legs kept getting tangled. It was a considerable difference from earlier today. I am not sure what to make of it. At least we will be at the vets tomorrow for acupuncture and a recheck. Hopefully she's just having a weird night.
Today, Travis helped me give Katie a massage...... not really. He was hoping I would give him one too. "Maybe if I lie practically on top of Katie, Mom will just keep massaging all the way down to me."
Poor Travis has to have a growth removed from the inside of his elbow tomorrow. It was something scheduled last week before any of this happened. Its a funny looking growth that I pointed out to the vet and she felt that it looked abnormal and that it would be best to remove. He was pretty happy tonight though. I only feed our dogs in the morning, so he got tomorrow's meal tonight.... so right now he's feeling pretty lucky for the moment.
*** Thursday morning update - She seems to be much better than last night. I did not have to support her constantly with the towel around her waste and her foot placement was better. I just have no idea what would have caused a temporary setback like the one we had last night.