Monday, July 10, 2017

Retirement - Riley

Riley is doing great!  She just turned 11 years old.  The laryngeal paralysis is slowing her down now that summer is setting in, but she seems to be smart about not over doing it when she shouldn't and taking a break when she needs it.
Her normal breathing is quiet, but she does cough and gag periodically and you can definitely hear it when she is panting.  I am only hiking in the early mornings now.  Stephen and I took her swimming a couple of times, but we have decided she hates it.  I am not sure she ever loved it, but she is really resisting it this year.  Maybe it has to do with her breathing understandably.  So we decided we would not swim her again.
Riley is enjoying the new backyard though!  Its so big and flat!  It drains great!  The sand and crushed gravel give it traction and the grass gives it cushion.  And the grass is filling in like crazy!  By the end of summer, I am betting we do not have any patches left.

Once Riley is finished, it is great to be able to bring her into the air conditioning and in front of a fan right away.