Friday, July 7, 2017

Medial Shoulder Instability Syndrome - Maddie

Maddie has a mild tear in her medial glenohumeral ligament in her shoulder.  Also known as Medial Shoulder Instability Syndrome (MSI).  I am super unhappy about it.  I think the rehab vet and I dropped the ball and should have jumped on it a lot sooner. Hindsight is 20/20. I would have liked a second opinion, but my favorite orthopedic vet is on vacation. Arrrggg!
I cannot pinpoint exactly what happened, but per my notes and the blog (yes, I'm that Type A) the first indication of shoulder pain occurred December 2013 when I was teaching weave poles.  And then it showed up off and on over the last few years. Did it start back then and we made it worse over time?  Is today's injury unrelated to back then?  Maddie does not run agility that hard (not like a self-sacrificing border collie) and I really do not train/practice very much so I have a hard time believing its just from repetitive use.... unless a minor injury early on just was not allowed to heal............... I could speculate all day.
Generally, I am gun ho about attacking issues aggressively, but my gut just wasn't agreeing this time.  Hobbles to keep her front legs from moving sideways were suggested.  They sounded awful and likely to cause pressure sores.  It was recommended that she wear them at all times for several weeks.  Maddie is so narrow that when properly fitted they greatly reduced her forward stride, so I just couldn't do it.
I also could have done platelet rich plasma injections and shockwave therapy.  Maddie would have to be sedated for both.  Without my favorite orthopedic vet, I just did not want to to either.  Then there is this orthopedic vet in Maryland that specializes in MSI.....but since its a mild tear, I opted not to go that route.
So I am going with conservative therapy.  Maddie is confined to an ex pen in the house and her only exercise is walking on leash. Lots of brushing, massages, Kongs, bully sticks, and bones to keep her entertained. Hopefully I am making the right decision. It will be a long time before I know though.