Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Takes A Village

At the AGRC Trial in South Carolina in February, I sprained my ankle running a friend's dog first thing on Saturday morning.  I was simply running in a straight line and BAAM!  I even fell down and then barely hobbled out of the ring.  It was ridiculous, awful, and very painful.  However, I decided the show must go on..... since I was already there, the money was paid, and it would be fun to see how the girls would do with other people..... so I asked other people to run my dogs.

Jerry got to run the Best... Seven.  However, she looked for me more than I thought she would. The dog would sell her soul for a crumb so I figured with a lot of treats during the warm up that she would be all his.  So it did make me feel good that she loves treats and ME.

Jerry and Seven's runs resulted in the only clean run.... Jumpers.

Brandee ran Riley.  Riley is so wonderful and was more than happy to follow Brandee's directions.

Maggie ran Maddie.  That was a given! Maggie has taken tons of pictures of Maddie as she grew up and especially when she was playing with Maggie's Dutch Shepherd who is the same age. When Maddie was a puppy, there were times when I felt she loved Maggie more than me.  It was ridiculous when the two would see each other at trials.  Well, I am happy to report that Maddie loves me now and did look for me.
I am really proud of how the girls did with other people.  Despite the crappy circumstances, it was fun to see them run. Later that day, I got an x-ray and confirmed there was no fracture. It has been nearly a month now and my ankle is doing really well.