Monday, March 7, 2016

NDTC Trial - Riley

This trial was at the end of January.  Riley only qualified twice and no Double Qualifiers, but I continue to be thrilled with how healthy and sound she is at 9 years old.
She definitely has some hind leg weakness when she is fatigued, but we definitely fight it as much as we can to slow/stop the progression. 

We did not get much video from this trial, but did get a number of pictures. 

Lots of spit flying in the picture below.  Lots of drool when Riley runs!
And hanging on by only one toe in the next photo.  Thankfully she did not miss a step.

And finally, the one run videoed.


Janette Ash said...

Oh, my nerves... ha,ha,ha on that dog walk. Of course you didn't see it when running, you must have been surprised when you saw the photo. If I had my way those dog walks would be a foot or two wider... LOL. (imagine trying to move them new... ha.ha.ha.)

Janette Ash said...

Hi, saw a video of Sawree, do tell.

claudia presto said...

Jennifer - to help Riley with her hind end weakness, I'd be happy to send you my When I Am Older Booklet which details natural ways to help. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Vitamin C - and YUCCA are my go-to staples for older dogs. 1500 mgs daily of EACH product. Additionally Acupuncture does wonders. Adequan shots for an acute situation. There's more. Just send your address to You GO RILEY! More info at

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Janette, Sawree was just a foster dog. She was adopted several months ago. Thanks, Claudia. She's under the care of a rehab vet and we go with her supplement and exercise recommendations. Its not so much arthritis as just weak stabilizer muscles... so always countering that with strengthening exercises.