Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Declaring Independence

A couple of weeks ago, we were training agility and as I finished up with Seven, a baby rabbit flushed from the bushes and ran between Seven and I.
Seven did not get the memo......  If we had followed the flow chart, it should have been left alone.
But she ate it......

Seven caught it quickly. It was not sporting at all. It was just right there suddenly. I didn't try to save it.  I knew it would only be mangled if I did. Thankfully, it passed away quickly, but then too my horror she began to eat it.  She ate the entire thing.  She doesn't even like rabbit.  Case and point.... this is the last time I gave her rabbit.
I tried to call her away from it with canned dog food, but she wasn't about to leave that meal.... and honestly I didn't want to clean it up off the field.  Although I began to worry she may puke something up later since she normally doesn't eat fur, tails, ears, etc. 

Nope! Seven didn't miss a beat.  In fact, I never even saw fur in her stool. Well, I guess I am glad it didn't go to waste.
But now I'm wondering what is next for Seven.  She has made her own money (greyhound star of "Pain and Gain" movie) and now she is feeding herself.  Soon she won't need me at all!