Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blur of Fur

I finally got around to purchasing Maddie's Blur of Fur photos.  We did this back in May! At our annual greyhound gathering we put a radar detector on all of the greyhounds and determine the fastest dog.
 At one end of the huge, stadium horse arena they have squawkers and a flirt pole to encourage the greyhounds to run their fastest.
 Maddie usually loves the flirt pole and will readily chase a lure, but she really had no interest in what was going on at the far end of the ring.  She thought the dogs running one by one was interesting, but otherwise she just wanted to play with me and tug on the leash.
 Such a silly hound!
So when it was time for Maddie to go, I just ran down the length of the arena to the other side and about 75% of the way, I called her and took off running again.

 And she ran her little heart out to me!  Everyone thought she looked very fast!
Unfortunately, I should have run towards the radar detector.  I forgot all about that so she was running on an angle away from it and did not get a good reading.  Next time.....  For now we had to settle for fastest looking.