Monday, April 27, 2015

Texas Fan Club

Maddie had the fan club with members, John and Kelly, in attendance as much as possible. I am not sure if returning to the farm triggered some memories, but she was all over John and Kelly.

Maddie has seen them twice before at events in Georgia, but never paid them much attention. But she sure did in Texas!
 Maddie loves to give hugs and kisses to her favorite people.
Of course, the only run that Kelly did not see is the only run that Maddie qualified in and it was in Master Jumpers.  So the last Excellent Standard leg continues to elude us.
All in all, Maddie ran very well and had a positive experience at a new venue with different equipment. The chute was different and the dogwalk ramp was unsupported so it bounced.  Riley really bounced the upside ramp hard and made a lot of noise.... so much so that the judge came over to check the obstacle. Riley could care less so she did it every time. I was a little worried about Maddie being surprised, but after one noisy completion, she seemed to master the art of running up the dogwalk very quietly. No problem. Had a little trouble with weave poles in one run where she could not complete them for some unknown reason, but then came back the next two days and did just fine. So I was very happy with the baby dog. Here are her best runs.