Thursday, April 30, 2015

AOC Trial - Seven

After getting back from Texas, we competed at a local trial the following weekend. Seven did great! She would have QQed twice if she had not knocked a bar.... something she very very rarely does. But she did complete her 58th Double Qualifier.... just 2 more to go!


Janette Ash said...

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your videos. I really enjoy watching your runs with the girls. We are facing our challenges (dog walk/teeter) you are my go to for inspiration. Thanks

Hazel said...

I'm fascinated by the amount of energy the handler (you ) has to have to get the dog to do her best! By the way, I saw a documentary about the movie that Seven was in. They told the history of the plot and the actors, as well as the real characters. Made me think of you!

gyeong said...

I think about all the time and hard work to get to the point where you make it look so fluid.