Monday, February 23, 2015

Knock on Wood - Maddie

As if having two hounds kicking butt in agility were not enough, I am thrilled that Maddie is also kicking butt in her own right. She finished her Open Standard title on the first day, so that moved her up to both Excellent classes.  Thank goodness!  It can be tricky navigating three dogs in two different rings.  At one point, I had three dogs running the same course in Ring 1 and then Maddie also in Ring 2.  So three dogs, four runs, and two different courses in about a 30 minute window.  Thankfully the hubby came with me this time so he was racing around and switching dogs with me.
Now that Maddie has moved up to Excellent, she is running the same courses as Riley and Seven. They are Master level so Maddie is not competing against them, but Excellent and Masters runs on the same courses.

Here are her runs: