Monday, July 28, 2014

Mad Dog

Miss Maddie got spayed 2 weeks ago right after a 4 day agility trial so we have not done much in July.  But I do have some photos and videos from May and June.
My friend, Beth Bradshaw took the above photos and those of Maddie and Teg below.
Look! Maddie and Teg have synchronized strides!

 A typical Maddie facial expression!

We also had some fun on 4th of July weekend at Summerwind Farm.  The landowner is so gracious and wonderful to let us play there. Are you happy, John? :-)
 Maddie takes full advantage of the fields!

Here is a training clip from way back in June.
Since then, most of the guides have come off the weave poles.  Right now, Maddie is prone to popping out of the poles early so I usually have the last 2 guides on there.  I am still not sure when her agility trial debut might be. I really do not want to rush her. She is sensitive and does not handle making mistakes very well so I definitely want to make sure she is pretty solid on the weave poles.  I want her to be set up for success. We have 3 or 4 opportunities to do matches this fall so that will be a great way to get her some agility practice at some of the venues we will be competing at in the future.