Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We are still fostering here and there for Road Trip Home.  We just got done with these two rascals.  Beau and Arlo were found together and no owner was located so Road Trip Home took them. They are good boys and will be adopted quickly.

Maddie is still the best foster sister ever. She loves to welcome the newbies.  She and Beau were quite cute playing together. She was so gentle with him.

I also got an update on our shar-pit mix foster that I personally fell in love with when I saw her in the rescue album for that shelter.
I normally do not get involved with which dogs Road Trip Home pulls from shelters, but remember it broke my heart that this dog had followed her owner into the animal control facility off leash. Such a loyal, trusting dog just tossed away. RTH pulled her for me and we fostered her. Later she was sent to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine and was adopted a couple of weeks later.
I received an update from Jai's adopter. Jai has a stay-at-home mom and 2 young boys. She also has a canine sibling that she plays all day with except for when they are napping together. The boys are really cute and bring blankets and pillows into the living room so they can all nap together. So sweet! Jai is just such a sweet and deserving dog. I am so glad we saved her.
At the same time we were fostering Jai, we were also fostering Dinah, the lab. She ended up having a few issues that needed to be worked on. Animal Welfare Society did a great job working with her. However, after a few months, she still had not been adopted. Sometimes when a dog is not getting adopted for whatever reason, they will send them to another shelter. Being a new face at a different shelter is all it takes in some cases. Dinah was sent to the Greater Androscoggin Humane Society and adopted the following weekend. In fact, the 4 dogs the two shelters traded were all adopted that weekend!
We also fostered Pinta, a painfully shy, little, yellow lab for a few weeks. 
Pinta made a lot of progress with us, but she was still very fearful of strangers. Because of her shyness, I was worried she may go unnoticed at the shelter so I made this little video of her to show what she is like once she is settled in. I thought it turned out great! I am not sure if it helped her get adopted, but she was adopted quickly and I really appreciate Jen at Animal Welfare Society taking extra good care of her to minimize her stress of the big change.
Right now we are foster free for a few weeks.