Monday, January 20, 2014

Hodge Podge

It has been awhile since I have blogged. I just have not been inspired to write I guess and needed a break. I figure it is time for an update though. All in all, everyone is healthy, happy, and sound. That is always what is most important!
We fostered another dog for Road Trip Home. His name is Jackson and we decided he was a Chowder Collie. He might actually have been an Australian Shepherd mix, but Chowder Collie was much cuter. Anyways, he is a very nice dog and was sent to the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine on January 10th and was adopted 2 days later.
Jackson kissing Maddie

Of course, Maddie loves to engage fosters in play. Jackson was a little too rough for me to allow them to play outside, but I would let them wrestle indoors. The camera did not love them... 2 black dogs in action indoors. Lots of blurry photos, but here are a few that turned out.
 Maddie is so vicious!
Soon after Jackson left, I was supposed to go to a three-day agility trial in Tennessee, but learned that my morning heel pain was plantar fasciitis. I had heard of it, but never knew what it was, but apparently a lot of people deal with it at some point in their life.

While packing for the trial, barefoot or in slippers, the heel pain became unbearable and the next morning it was the same. It was crippling. An internet search led to my self diagnosis and do-it-yourself treatments. I stretched, iced it, got the special boot you sleep/rest in, and rolled my foot on a ball. It helped immensely and I felt better that afternoon, but I thought I would cripple myself if I went to the trial. The three hour drive (of course it is my right foot), the miles of walking for three days, the set up and take down, and then another three hour drive home. I decided to stay home. But the sweet hubby came to the rescue and offered to take me to the trial and so I was able to compete Saturday and Sunday. Thank you, Stephen!

It was not a great trial for Seven. I believe she only qualified one time. Just some real goofy mistakes. Nothing really to blog about. BUT her wrist is doing great! The last time she tweaked it where she has acute pain for about 5 minutes has not happened since October 13th! There was a time when it was happening once or twice a week. Then two or three times a month.  Then maybe once a month. I just cannot tell you how pleased I am. We will definitely be continuing our current course of action.

Riley did much better, Double Qualifying on the first day and almost did the same on the second day. The error was such a fluke. It was a tight turn off a long line of jumps and she just ran around the chute on the turn. I should have decelerated to cue collection and a tighter turn. So her QQ streak ended with eight in a row. Not too shabby and now we will just have to try and break it. We are headed to a four day agility trial next week!

I have also decided to compete Seven and Riley at the AKC Agility Nationals in March.  I was not planning on going, but the Invitational (much closer to home) changed the footing and I was not going to run the girls, Seven especially, on mats. Her wrist needs forgiving footing. Since both are running so well and this is likely Riley's last chance to go to a big event, I decided we better go. Next year, is in Reno, Nevada (so far away) and after that Riley will be 9 years old. It is now or never so off to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania we will go.

On a fun note, Katrina, a Facebook and Blog friend, saw Riley and I on CNN. They pulled footage from the Incredible Dog Challenge that we competed in a few years ago for a Westminster story. The clip is fairly long and can be seen at the link below. After the commercial, we are at the 1:10 mark. Very cool!

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