Monday, December 16, 2013

Mad Dog Agility Match

At the agility trial in Tennessee, Maddie had an opportunity to participate in two agility matches (a practice after the show is done for the day). She did really well the first day and mostly well the second.

I jumped Maddie 20 inches this time and entered her in Standard and Jumpers since they offered both at the match. Some of our sequences were longer than we had done in the past. I had introduced Maddie to the chute a couple of times prior, so I had a helper hold it open a couple of times so she could try one away from home. She did great. I also got her on the table and she tugged really well.

On the second day, although it is not evident on the video, Maddie was not tugging as well as she usually does. I was using a new toy and it is confirmed that she just does not love toys with fur. I could tell she was not as in to it and for the second run she was not into it at all. You are not allowed to use food in the ring, but you can use a Lickity Stick. It looks like a roll-on deodorant, but it has a flavor most dogs love. Maddie liked it so I went into the ring with that. She did some really nice work.... a full sized A-frame, the chute, the table, and some nice jump sequences, but at the end she ran into the tunnel almost 3 times. Sometimes tunnels make her crazy and she was getting that look in her eye. Screaming at her stopped her from running in a third time, but I hate that that was what we ended on. This was compounded by a situation earlier in the day where she flat out ignored me when she was playing with another dog. So ignoring me to go into a tunnel another time has been duly noted. But all in all, the video looks mostly good.

Due to Maddie ignoring me a few times in about a ten day period, she is on probation. She needs more controlled practice where I can intervene if she decides not to respond. I guess you could say she is a grounded teenager right now!