Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Mad Training

Maddie was so good on Tuesday! I think it might be my favorite training session to date with her.  It was not so much about what we worked on, but that she was motivated, interested, and attentive the entire time. I got the impression she really wanted to be there doing what we were doing rather than something else. And it was cold and windy! Perfect excuse to be a butt head, but all three hounds were wonderful.

Here is a video of Maddie's training session.  The highlight was that the last two passes through the four weave poles are in line and at regulation spacing. WooHoo! Then we went to my training field to work on some simple jump sequences with front and rear crosses. All of her jump work was perfect!
Maddie does have a teeter problem right now so we have had to back pedal and start over. A few days ago, she took the teeter as if it was a dogwalk and was surprised when the board dropped out from under her. I wish I could figure out a way to help them distinguish the teeter from the dogwalk so that never happens.