Wednesday, July 10, 2013

MOTC Trial - Seven

Poor Seven... the Double Qualifier dry spell continues.  Our last Double Q was FOUR months ago!  And it is not that we cannot do it.  We are running great, but we are plagued with one error each day.  Recall that a Double Q is running clean in the Standard class and in the Jumpers class in the same day.  In the last two trials, Seven earned 4 Standard legs and zero Jumper legs.  At this trial, she earned three Jumper legs and zero Standard.  We just can't seem to do both at the same trial.... but we will!  Fingers crossed! 
All in all, Seven is doing well.  I do not think the Platelet Rich Plasma injection had any effect.  If her carpal joint was chronically inflamed and was giving her a lot of trouble, I would possibly try it again.  But for her current issue of coming up lame for a few minutes every once in a while after a hard, torquing left turn, I have not seen a reduction in this happening.  Managing it carefully has been the best practice so I will keep doing that.