Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Perry Trial - Riley

Love the string of drool!

Riley also competed in agility at the Peach Cluster Show in Perry.  Riley ran very well and Double Qualified two times bringing her tally  up to 19 out of the 20 needed for her Master Agility Championship!  WooHoo! We are getting close!
Is this chute messing up my ears?

Here is Riley's 18th Double Q:

And here are a few other clean runs from the weekend:

Between runs, you can see that Riley frets away her time in a crate... NOT!  Riley Grey is always so content.  Love that hound!

This time we shared a hotel room with my friend, Anne, and her four dogs (2 Ridgebacks, a cattle dog, and a whippet).  Yes, they are all in that bed!


What Remains Now said...

Hurray, Riley! Love the bed shot.

We saw Pain & Gain last night! I must say that Seven has superstar qualities. It was such a thrill to see her. I can't even imagine how it felt for you. What an interesting movie. Such a bizarre and horrible crime.

Hazel, classAGreyhounds...RvingwiththeBigDogs! said...

You are a good storyteller, Jen.
Riley is a great story!
Congrats to you all and how did you get all those dogs to be peaceful on that one bed?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Hazel, those aren't my dogs. :-) I think my problem is that I could NOT sleep with that many dogs. I'm not that cuddly. :-)

Claire Krigbaum said...

Whew she's blazing fast!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Love the bed photo:) I see there is a human in there too, lol! Beryl can take up so much room on my super king sized bed that there's only room for me across the bottom! She does get shifted:)

Does Riley always do that little shake just before time on the table? I noticed she did both times she was on the table. She is such a clever little girl and so calm in her crate.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

GHs CAN Sit, I think she does. I'll pay attention at our 4 day agility trial next week. :-)