Monday, April 29, 2013

Opening Weekend

"Pain and Gain" opened on Friday and I heard that it topped the US box office.  I have no doubt that Seven fans helped with that. I also did my part and have now seen it four times.  My sister reminded me that we saw Titanic six times so I think it is only fitting that I see Seven's movie... seven times. Ha!  I figure why not... I will only get to see my new favorite movie in theaters for the next several weeks.

On Friday night, a group of about 25 friends and I saw the movie.  Several folks drove one to two hours to help me celebrate!  I have some awesome friends!  We cheered every time Seven appeared on screen or was mentioned by one of the characters.
On Saturday afternoon, Southeastern Greyhound Adoption had a special screening and Seven was allowed to come to the theater for a special meet and greet.  Lots of greyhound people came to see Seven and it was a great opportunity to talk greyhounds as people stopped to see what was going on.  Lots of people took pictures with Seven in front of the poster.
Since Seven was staying for the movie, I wore her out that morning.  I jogged her about one and half miles, hiked hills for 30 minutes, did jump grids and weave poles, and finished it up with a few sprints.  After an hour of mingling, I dare say she was tired... maybe the first time ever.

I brought her a comfy bed and a bully stick.... I figured after all of that she would fall asleep and sure enough she did.  Seven does not have any issues with noise, but I did wonder if it might be too loud.  But she was great and had no problems.
It was this third viewing that I noticed a minor detail.  Michael Bay had taken pictures of Seven in a racing silk on our first day of shooting.  I did not know why at the time.  However, in the movie when Paul is searching Victor's office, there is a framed black and white photo of Seven on his desk.  Cool, huh?
So in a few weeks, I will post photos and videos we took on set.  I think it will be fun for you to see the longer version of a couple of scenes.