Monday, April 1, 2013

Less Than A Month Away!

My sister thought that Anthony Mackie and Seven deserved to be on the movie poster... so she added them.  Doesn't it look professional?  Thank you, Denise!

Seven's movie debut is only 25 days away!  Opening day of "Pain and Gain" is April 26th!  I am so excited!  I cannot believe a year has already passed since Seven and I went to Miami several times to shoot nine or so scenes.  I sure hope all of her scenes make it into the movie.

The movie is a dark comedy based loosely on a true story.  The true story includes a comedy of errors and would be quite humorous if it was not also very tragic and unbelievable.  There have been several trailers released.  This short one does not include Seven, but shows the comedy in the movie.  Click Here to see the short trailer.
Anthony and Seven from the movie trailer

There is also a longer trailer.  The movie looks hilarious, but a little naughty.  It is definitely not for the innocent!  Sorry MIL and FIL!  Click Here to see the trailer for mature audiences only.  The chihuahua at the end is really cute!

Of course, this is the best movie trailer because it includes Seven in it.  This is the one being shown in theaters as a preview and I have posted it to the blog before.  You can see Seven around 1 minute,50 seconds. Click Here to see the official movie trailer.