Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 35 through 37 - Maddie

I have been so busy with Seven and Riley that I have not taken very many pictures of Maddie these last few weeks.  We have also had so much rain and it seems to be cloudy everyday.
Maddie is long and lanky right now.  I am guessing she will start to fill out over the next few months.  Next week she will be 9 months old.
Maddie weighed 56 pounds at the beginning of week 37.  I will measure her height at the next agility trial and see if she is holding steady at 25 inches.

We have not trained much in the last few weeks.  Mostly hiking, walking, running, playing, and growing up.

Maddie did finally destroy her first item (besides paper). My purse strap was too close to her crate in the van as we traveled home from Oklahoma and was is a bored puppy to do when she is crated in a van for an 11 hour drive.

But Maddie handled the traveling and hotel stay perfectly.  She settles right in, sleeps through the night, and her good housetraining has carries over as well.

I am starting to see the typical adult greyhound set in.  She has grown up enough to have mostly free range of the house when were are home and I feel I can turn my back now for a few minutes or leave the room without wondering what she will get into.  We are easily surviving without daycare.  The husband still comes home at lunch to let out the seniors so she is benefiting from that.  Overall, she is very easy to live with.  She is very quiet... when she is not barking.  She will bark in play, but otherwise she is very quiet.
 Maddie met some bearded collie puppies and was very gentle with them.

 Andrea, save me from the puppies!
Maddie also got to play with Ivy her Doberman friend. Both girls are so grown up!