Monday, April 22, 2013


Stephen, me, Denise, and Stefanie

After a year of waiting, I finally got to see "Pain and Gain", the movie that Seven filmed numerous scenes for in Miami. It does not officially open until Friday, April 26th, but I was able to score advanced screening passes for me and Seven's assistants.  Stephen, Denise, and Stefanie had accompanied us on the three trips to Miami.  They helped me with driving, took care of Riley, helped me carry things, fetched items I needed, brought me food, and took pictures.  Thank you!  I could not have done it without you guys!
Advanced screenings are primarily for the press and contest winners.  I was interviewed for a local newspaper article and she put me in touch with someone in charge of the advanced screening for "Pain and Gain".  We felt really special with our reserved seating.
Still shot released by Paramount - Rebel Wilson and Seven

After a year of anticipation, I have to confess that I was a little sad that it will all be over soon.  But it was also very exciting!!!  And I am glad I saw it before it opened because I must warn you.  It is very Rated R with nonstop sexual humor!  Okay, you are warned.
Still shot released by Paramount - Anthony Mackie and Seven

But more importantly, Seven is definitely in the movie and also referred to several times.  The movie is fast paced and very funny.  I was disappointed that her bedroom scenes with Anthony and Rebel did not make the cut, but everything else did.  I am hoping the DVD may include additional or longer scenes.  Wouldn't that be cool?
And then the icing on the cake... Seven was listed in the credits.  She is the last one listed in the cast, but she is indeed listed! ..............AND SO WAS I!  I was not expecting it and thought that I would be lumped in with Trademark Animal Talent.  I was so glad I was not listed as a "Wrangler".  On all my paperwork, I always changed it to Animal Handler because I hated "Wrangler".

I am looking forward to hearing what you all think of it.  Just be ready for a lot of raunchy humor!