Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Movie Poster

Well, Seven's movie "Pain and Gain" came out with another movie poster.  This one is better than the last one as it at least contains some of the actors in the movie.  Unfortunately, they left off Anthony Mackie, our favorite actor from the entire filming experience, and Seven.  So my friend, Maggie, was able to right one of those wrongs.  Besides the obvious, look at the other detail she added.
A "Tasty Reuben" tattoo for Mark Walberg.  Remember, that is Seven's name in the movie.
A little reference to the greyhound and her name listed as one of the stars.

Here is the original poster for comparison.  My sister is also working on a movie poster.  The release date is April 26th.  For now, I am waiting for the movie trailer to come out.  I hope Seven is in it.
If you are new to the blog and missed all the posts about filming, I highly recommend going back to read them.  The readers loved them and the experience was so awesome.  It was a pretty big role for us to land with a huge director (Michael Bay did Transformers), big stars (Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg), and Seven was in 9 scenes (not sure if they will all be used yet).  Seven actually has a name in the movie and appears to be crucial to the story line. CLICK HERE and start at the bottom with the post from March 26th. You will probably need an hour to get through it all.