Monday, December 17, 2012

22 Weeks - Fall Fun

Maddie and I found a big pile of leaves in one corner of my backyard.
She had a lot of fun being silly.
Here is a little of the fun she had.
A tired puppy is a good puppy.  Time for a nap!


Those Brindle Kids said...

That video is a Christmas present in itself! She's SO joyful!

What Remains Now said...

I love how she flattens herself out so you can't see her.

Claire Krigbaum said...

Nice hole there, Maddie!
It's so fun watching her in those leaves.
I am wondering how the heck you have time for your three active dogs (plus husband and job). I struggle with keeping Indi occupied and tired enough to not be totally obnoxious in the house, not to mention finding fun things for Rye to do here and there!

Ximena said...

Oh mannn, I just LOVE that extra-long waggy tail!

And her ears all over the place. Too funny.

Hazel said...

1459memenaI love the joy of dogs at play! Sometimes we adults forget the importance of play in our lives!

Greyhounds Aren't Grey said...

I bet she'd also get a kick out of a similar sized pile of snow. How fun it is to watch her play!

minstrel said...

That made me smile :)and how long is that tail? lol

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Her tail is super long!

Claire, I confess to feeling spread a bit thin these days. The husband is definitely neglected. I'm very lucky to have a great job that doesn't require a lot of after hours work. I also work 6 to 3 PM so I have daylight hours after work to train, play, exercise, etc the hounds. And daycare... OMG daycare just a couple of times a week really helps take the extra edge off Maddie.