Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Invitational Prep - Part 2

Seven only qualified once out of three runs.  I scratched her from the last run of the trial because it had so many hard left turns.  As you know, Seven has had some issues with her left carpal joint that we have been seeing a rehab specialist for.
What the heck are these?

Once Seven got over the wrist being inflamed and it settled down, she was back to running just fine.  But once every two weeks or so, she would tweak it just right on a tight left turn and come up lame for a few minutes.  Kind of like twisting your ankle and then walking out of it.
The rehab specialist thinks that she has some ligaments that have been over stretched and if she torques her carpal joint, she over stretches them again and triggers the short, but acute lameness.  The rehab doctor suggested these carpal boots to help reduce torque.  She thinks if we can prevent the torque over a period of time that Seven's injury will heal.  No one seems to think the arthritis shown in her x-rays is the problem.  Seven cannot compete in the boots, but she can train and practice while wearing them.  I am not sold on them yet, but we had been giving them a try.
However, the week before the Invitational, Seven has started coming up lame after ever tight left turn.  She can gallop all day in a straight line, but turn her left while jumping and she comes up lame every time now

So unfortunately, I think Seven's chance to run in the Invitational is evaporating.  Here is her clean jumpers run from Friday, November 30th though.