Thursday, December 13, 2012

22 Weeks - Five Months

Maddie turned officially FIVE MONTHS old on December 2nd.  I cannot believe this much time has flown by already even though everyone told me it would.
I am so glad I have taken so many pictures.  With a puppy, you just cannot put it off for another day because they will look so different tomorrow.  
My 13 and a half pound puppy had grown to 39 pounds.  She is almost a dog!
This week I was out of town Sunday afternoon until late Tuesday night.  The husband did a great job taking care of everyone and thank goodness for daycare on Monday and Tuesday.
Reagan says "Get away from my bush!"

This week we worked on going up and down stairs and worked on stepping over, climbing onto, and going under things.  For example, I might have Maddie walk though a pile of jump poles scattered on the ground (Pick-Up-Sticks).  Or walking around, through, and over the metal base under my dog walk.  Or climbing onto a large rock. Most of the time she seems quick to try stuff with her front feet, but is not sure how to handle her rear end.  With as much as she has grown lately, I can imagine that one must feel uncoordinated as everything gets taller and longer.
I try to find really easy things for her to do so Maddie feels good about herself and builds confidence.  I really do not want to be constantly challenging her as that would be no fun for her.  So I try to find things for her to be super successful with right away.
One thing that I brought back out this week was shaping with a box.  Basically, you click and treat the dog for interactions with a box.  Ideally, you do not have an agenda, but simply let the dog offer behaviors for you to click and treat.  As the dog starts on a pattern, you can then start to mark only certain things.  Working with the box was not Maddie's favorite thing to do a few weeks ago.  She did not like that it moved when she would put a foot on the edge of it.  I had put it up until this week.  The box had shrunk some (or Maddie has grown) and I heavily marked Maddie for using her feet.  Eventually, she was stepping into the box with front and rear feet.  She did great!
Chilling in the yard

Most of Maddie's baby teeth are gone now.  Here is an interesting photo with the bottom canine missing.  The top adult canine coming in with the baby canine hanging on behind it still.
I still have only the one tooth that Maddie just happened to spit out right in front of me.


Those Brindle Kids said...

It's great to read about her learning new things but most of all I love to see her romping - especially with that green toy. :)

gyeong said...

She looks like an expert at running around with a stuffie in her mouth.

Apex Agility Greyhounds said...

She is so big! It's hard to notice it when it happens right in front of you. I too am mystified about where my baby puppy went. Kili is 4 months old in about a week and has gone from 5.3 kg to 11.8 kg. Where DOES the time go?

What Remains Now said...

Maddie is a special girl. Thank you for letting us watch her go from puppyhood to young doghood.

Team Zero Gravity said...

They do grow so fast. I wish I had more video (and photos) of Blaze as a puppy.

cleptogrey said...

i totally forgot about the days when my gh pup didn't know where his rear was. training was moving along really smoothly until we got to 1/4 turns and he just couldn't locate his tush. the brain and rear linked up quite a while later, i skipped the frustrating part and went on to walking backwards and stepping thru horizonal ladders on the ground.

Maggie Johansson said...

I wish my ex-racers would play with toys! I've had them 8 years and they are still totally disinterested! She's getting so big! Love her!