Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun Run

Last weekend, Southeastern Greyhound Club hosted the ASFA National Greyhound Specialty for lure coursing.  The event was held on an 8,000 acre, three-day eventing horse farm in Georgia.  The place is gorgeous and the fields are very well maintained.  
I do not lure course, but I love to watch when there is a good greyhound turn out expected and to see good friends.  But the best part is escaping the event and exploring other areas of this huge farm.
Just look how huge this field is!  So much fun when you have greyhounds that come when called.
Eeeek! Is my little puppy really that big already?  In some photos, Maddie looks as big as Seven and Riley, but I promise that she is not.  Way too early for that!  
See!  Still about 15 pounds smaller and she will likely be 10 - 15 pounds bigger than them.  Seven and Riley are very small greyhounds (50 pounds).

 Seven and Riley are so pretty running together.
 Look! Synchronized Galloping.
 Happy frolicking greyhounds.
BAAM! Hey watch it there!
 Riley and Seven play very rough so everyone took turns off leash.  Maddie thinks it is a good idea to take off running and encouraging a chase.  And chase they will..... along with tagging and tackling her.  Maybe Maddie will be ready for them in a few more months.
 It is funny that Seven is showing teeth in these photos and Riley looks so innocent.  I can assure you that Riley is quite the bully.  She bumps, pummels, and interferes with everyone running.  And never offers to be the chasee.
Riley always looks so happy though.  She is definitely the content one.
 And the shot of the day!  Look at that stretch on Seven!