Wednesday, November 14, 2012

18 Weeks - Teeth

Maddie has now lost three teeth, I think.  I still don't have one, but I am determined!
C'mon little toothies.  Get stuck in this bully stick so I can find you.

Two top teeth and one bottom tooth is gone now.
House and crate training continues to go great!  At night, Maddie can easily go seven hours and even then I am the one waking her up.  When I wake her up, she often appears to be in no rush to get up and outside.  During the day, she seems in line with the theory that age in months equals "hold it" hours.  Maddie is four months and can hold it for four hours.
Maddie has also been great about going potty on leash.  If she is distracted and playing, I can leash her up and circle the yard and she will often go potty at that time.  But one thing I am very careful of is to make sure that collar grabs and leashing do not always end the fun.  I try to frequently approach, take her collar or leash her up, give Maddie a treat, and then release her.  If I were to bring her in the house, crate her, or otherwise end the fun every time I grabbed her collar then I would teach her to avoid it which would not be a good thing.
And speaking of collars, Maddie has an adult collar now.  The pink one was going to be too small very soon.  I love ice blue on her, but then again everything looks good on a black dog.