Tuesday, November 13, 2012

18 Weeks - Lanky

Maddie use to play under the agility table. Now she can see over it.

It is so amazing how fast puppies grow and change.  Maddie is now officially four months old and has been with us for over two months now.  This week she really seemed to get long and lanky.
I can just baaarely fit.

Remember the photo below?  It was taken at 11 weeks.  Just seven short weeks ago.  Look how small and precious Maddie was.
Now Maddie looks like a gangly teenager.  I just cannot believe the difference in such a short time.
And remember this precious little pup on her first day in Georgia?  With chunky joints, baby face, and soft fuzz coat.
Now everything is longer, stretched out, and super shiny, but Maddie is still a very good sitter.
You have to watch out for the mile long tail!  It actually can touch the ground if you straighten it out when she stands up.
Please don't step on my tail.

And how much longer is Maddie going to fit in a 36 inch long crate?  I am hoping we can continue to make it work through mid December.  I want to take Maddie with us to the Agility Invitational in Orlando and it would be nice if she still fit into a 36 long.
Probably wishful thinking though.