Friday, November 16, 2012

18 Weeks - Agility

There is not much to do with Maddie in agility at this age.  It is important for growth plates to be closed and for her to be full grown before you start really jumping, weaving, or climbing the big contact obstacles.  So until she is 59 weeks old, we do very low impact introductions to things.
Here is a video of Maddie learning to go around a cone.  It is an introduction to doing a tight turn around something.  And then I introduce her to walking across, turning around, and getting off and onto a dogwalk ramp.
Of course, the problem is that whenever Maddie is introduced to anything she continues to want to interact with it.
See me over here on the dogwalk?

Desire to interact with the equipment is a good thing, but it creates work for myself since I will now have to include propping up teeter boards and dogwalk ramps with hiding tunnel entrances.  A puppy accidentally climbing a full size teeter or falling off a full size dog walk can be dangerous and create an unforgettable bad experience.  So I will not let that happen.