Monday, November 5, 2012

16 Weeks - Playmates

Teg, the border collie pup

A week ago at the agility trial, Maddie had lots of opportunities to greet and play with other dogs.  I was pleased to see that she greeted large dogs with manners and a little submission.  And she was surprisingly gentle with some small dogs.
One of my issues is that once Maddie is deep in play with another puppy, she does not recall.  Each time I have called, I have had to make it happen using her leash so as not to accept being ignored.  However, I recently found that canned dog food is a very special treat for Maddie.
Maddie, the Boston terrier. My Maddie was very polite to her.

I took a very small plastic container with a lid and added a mixture of canned dog food with her usual kibble.  I used this special reward mostly for recalls and boy did it sharpen her up.
Party, the border collie
Maddie seems to have this effect on border collies.

Maddie was leaving an intense play session with other puppies immediately for her special reward and then I would usually allow her to engage in play once again.
 Maddie springing it on Springer, Echo
That is all I want a recall to be... just an interruption to share a yummy treat.
 Cappy, the Welsh Springer
 "You don't mind if I chew on this?"
We will keep practicing.